Pheromones test reports testimonials

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What are pheromone test reports and experiences?

Here some of our customers share their test reports and experiences with you:

Pheromones test reports testimonials

Beate S.:“…not only do I use Eroscape like a perfume before I go out, but I sprinkle all of my lingerie with it…This makes me feel sexy from head to toe…”

Comment: “Dear Beate, Eroscape is also available in a convenient spray bottle. This makes it even easier for you to apply Eroscape on your lingerie…”

Hubert H.:“…only now have I finally found out the secret of my “fatal affair”. I always asked myself why I felt this animal attraction for this woman and why I couldn’t take my hands off her. Now I know: she uses Eroscape women and adds some droplets of it to her oil burner – a fantastic ruse; I can hardly control myself in her apartment… By the way, I now use Eroscape men

Comment: “Dear Hubert, one of our female customers even adds Eroscape to her wipe water – an interesting perspective, for example, for the kitchen!”

Marco F.:“…my advice isn’t a sex tip by itself, but more of a career tip. I always use Eroscape man spray  whenever I have an important business meeting. I come across more assertively; an ultimate career booster! To talk about my success with your product in private life, would go beyond the scope of this – maybe another time…”

Stefan & Maike, “Thank you so much; Eroscape has virtually saved our marriage! After 15 years, there wasn’t much going on any more in the bedroom. Now, we both use Eroscape and the old passion is rekindled. We couldn’t hardly believe it, but it works! Friends have asked us recently, what is going on because we cannot take our hands of each other. Well, maybe we will let them know about our new pheromone secret”.

Real cool stuff your pheromones

Antonio P., “real cool stuff your pheromones. I had a really great weekend… I don’t go out any more without Eroscape. The girls go crazy. I have already ordered the Eroscape refill bottle. What a lucky coincidence that I am single at the moment. I can meet as many girls as I want…”

Sandra, “I thought of it as real bullshit when a girlfriend told me about Eroscape pheromones. In the end, I tried it anyhow – at our Christmas party – and what can I say; I have never been so successful at any company party like this time. I stayed until 4:00 a.m.. I had never known that my colleges could be so nice.”

Jan & Lukas, “as gays we were intrigued to try out Eroscape; but what to choose, Eroscape men or women. We decided to go for both. Just give it a try. It is interesting how positions and roles change depending on who of us uses what. At one time you are more dominant and at other times you are more devout….”

Comment, “Dear Jan, dear Lukas, this happens because Eroscape men contains pheromones which exude dominance with a tinge of male aggressiveness. Eroscape women, on the other hand, exudes sympathy and intimacy. By the way, a piece of advice for all gays: If in doubt, just choose the product your heterosexual counterpart would choose: Eroscape men for men and Eroscape women for women. Got it?”

Niklas, “…women didn’t start hitting on me like crazy, but I still noted a remarkable effect: While using Eroscape men were nicer and more attentive to me. I am more of an average guy but with Eroscape I do attract more attention.”