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Attractants for her and him!

Eroscape is one of the market’s most highly concentrated attractants.

Eroscape is a registered trademark. For this reason the exact composition of our product remain a secret. We ask for your understanding.

Eroscape has been developed as Eroscape women (pheromones for women) and Eroscape men (pheromones for men).

You can buy our attractants comfortably in our online shop.

You can choose between the following different sizes of products:

Just follow the links and find out about the products and the usage (.PDF).

  • 10 ml drop bottle, the classic attractant, 16,95 € for women or men.
  • 20 ml pheromone spray in elegant perfume bottle, 26,95 € for women and men.
  • 100 ml bottle, the best-buy refill bottle, 96,00 € for women and men.
  • 5 x 2 ml phials carnival special, 18,95 € for women and men.
  • 2 x 2 ml phials test offer, 6,79 € for women and men.

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In love with pheromones
In love with pheromones

Eroscape®       Produkt information            Attractans for her and him!

Dear customer,

Thank you for purchasing Eroscape Pheromones for women or men. Here is some information about our products and their usage.

Properties: Eroscape is highly concentrated in pheromones and based on alcohol, whose smell will disperse shortly after usage. Otherwise, it is unscented so you can readily mix it with your own perfume.

Composition: Denaturated alcohol, water, androstenols, androstenones, copulines;

How to use: Apply Eroscape to your neck and surrounding areas. Apply again for better results.

Effects: Using Eroscape will boost your sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Important: For external use only.

Do not drink! High alcohol content: Avoid contact with mucous membrane and eyes!

Caution: Flammable liquid!

Keep out of the reach of children!

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