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Do pheromones have a best-before date and at which temperature should they be stored?

How do I apply pheromones?

Eroscape is unique in its composition and it is, at the same time, one of the pheromone products with the highest concentration on the market. Only a few drops or puffs per application are enough to produce a positive effect. Just apply Eroscape in the same way you use to apply perfume: Spray it on neck, nape or cleavage where it is most effective.

What effects can be observed?

Wirkung von Pheromonen
Effects of pheromones: love, Sensuality, tenderness and affection.

Eroscape pheromones were developed to enhance sexual attractiveness. (rosa) The positive reactions of those surrounding you are perceived in very different ways and they are often experienced as very subtle. It is proven that using Eroscape leads to more first encounters. (rosa)  Eroscape users report considerably more intensive encounters, frequent flirts and eye contact. One female user says,“When I use Eroscape more men approach me, men are more attentive and more charming.“ Men too say that using Eroscape leads to more interaction and that women flirt more openly and actively. Eroscape is not a magic potion, but the ideal flirt support. Eroscape can have the effect of a fresh breath of air in existing relationships.

Try it out and enjoy the positive reactions of those around you.

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Overview questions on pheromones

How long do the effects of pheromones last?

Depending on the circumstances (air circulation, sweating, humidity , temperature…) the effects of Eroscape last for approximately 0,5- 1,5 hours on having been applied. It is self-explanatory that the effects of the pheromone perfume spray last considerably longer in windless spaces.

The best radius of action is 0,5 – 1 meters; the closer the better.


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How high is the pheromone concentration in Eroscape?

There are different compositions of androstenol and androstenone in our pheromone products Eroscape women and Eroscape men.

We ask for your understanding that we won’t reveal the exact composition and concentration of our products patented at the German Patent and Trademark Office. This information is, of course, top secret. Even less so, do we want to mislead our costumers with unmeaningful certificates. Only that much is to be said: The amount of pheromones that is normally found in a bead of sweat is approximately thousandfold higher in a droplet of Eroscape. That is why Eroscape is one of the pheromone products with highest pheromone concentration on the market.

Not only are we seller, but also producer. Therefore, it is very important for us to guaranty the quality of our products. Ten thousands of satisfied customers bear witness to this.

Overview questions on pheromones

Is it possible to smell the pheromones in Eroscape?

Wie riechen Pheromone
How do pheromones smell?

The pheromones in Eroscape are virtually odourless for the human nose. That is the reason why nobody will know that you are using Eroscape. We decided not to add any other fragrance to our product so that you can combine it freely with your own perfume or aftershave.



Overview questions on pheromones

Do pheromones have a best-before date and at which temperature should they be stored?

Our pheromone solution keeps for a very long time. We assume that it keeps for  2 – 3 years and probably even longer when not exposed to direct UV radiation and any heat that exceeds room temperature. Our pheromones won’t even go off after three years; they only may possibly no longer have any effect.

Can I mix Eroscape with perfume?

Due to its composition, it is very well possible to mix Eroscape with your perfume. We recommend a ratio of 1:1.


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Are pheromones only for heterosexual people?

No, homosexual people can definitely use all Eroscape products too. It is basically possible for homosexuals to use exactly the same products as their heterosexual counterparts: Eroscape women for all women and Eroscape men for all men. Let me explain: a homosexual man enhances the effects of his own pheromones with Eroscape. This does not only attract women but naturally also men who feel attracted to other men. All right? For further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. By the way, bisexual people love to experiment with both products.
Overview questions on pheromones


Are there side effects?

No, only if you interpreted the positive effects as side effects. Due to the complex and subconscious effects on the brain epileptics should not use pheromone products.


Are pheromones synthetic or natural?

The correct answer of course is: yes, natural and synthetic.

The primary matter for pheromone production is cholesterol, which is plentifully available in nature. The primary matter of pheromones is therefore obtained from a natural biological source. Once obtained, this cholesterol is chemically transformed into testosterone and from there step by step into androsterone. The last steps are therefore synthetic.


How is Eroscape delivered?

Eroscape is usually delivered in a few days by the Deutsche Post AG after the arrival of payment.

Our products are sent in neutral packaging. The sender is a private address that does not give any hints of the contents.

If you don’t want a sender’s address on the package, please let us know on ordering. We will always try to comply with our customers‘ wishes. Confidentiality is, of course, one part of that.


Eroscapes money-back guarantee

Eroscape Pheromone 30 days money back guarentee
Our guarantee!

Usually, you are not supposed to open a product and then send it back. If you are not happy with Eroscape, you can do that and you will get a full refund.



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