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Effect on pheromones
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Pheromones are substances which are produced by our body. They are mainly excreted through sweat. Pheromones are there for the communication of creatures of the same kind and influence the behaviour between women and men, especially, when sexuell interest is aroused.
Just think of pheromones as the spices of your favourite dish – pheromones spice up your sex life.
Numerous scientific studies suggest that pheromones will help you to discreetly and effectively enhance your attractiveness. Benefit from the direct and positive communication between men and women even without words.
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1. How do human pheromones, happiness and physical attraction interact?

Effekt of pheromones
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Have you ever wondered why some other people seem to be luckier in their choices of a partner? Why are some people at times in the fast lane from first meeting somebody to a sexual encounter?
It is all about the right chemistry. A major part of this attraction is very likely generated by human pheromones.

2. What are human pheromones?

Pheromone test winner
Pheromone test winner WDR3 Testmarkt, broadcast on 20.02.2006, 5 pheromone products were tested.

The world of sciences has come to the conclusion that pheromones decisively influence human mating. Studies suggest that people with a higher pheromone production have more success with the opposite sex.

3. Do human pheromones turn us into wild animals?

Copulating lions
Copulating lions… something rationality won´t permit among humans. Buy human pheromones now just the same at a good price from the producer! Now still cheap to buy from the manufacturer!

Of course not!
Mother nature was kind enough to endow human kind with the ability to reign in our basic instincts. Human pheromones come into effect on a subconscious level. Imagine you are getting into the mood for a  romantic candlelit dinner by dimming the lights and putting on soft music . Pheromones help your body and soul subconsciously to get into the mood in just the same way same. Although those neuropsychological changes are more subtle than obvious, they are more than effective.

4. What are the effects of pheromones?

What are the effects of pheromones
Can pheromones lead to this?

Pheromones produce intimacy!

Scientific studies show that using pheromones enhances attractiveness leading to more:

Pheromones more closeness touch and datings
Pheromones more closeness touch and datings

• more tender caresses
• more dates
• more sex
• increased frequency of intimacies

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Numerous test reports, internet sites and press reports on pheromones.

Have a look at a number of informative videos, here you will find a number of test reports and testimonials on the topic of pheromones .

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